The dark forest of spruce trees, frozen taking place on both sides of the river. Land so lifeless, desolate and cold, even if the word sadness was inadequate to describe it. Silence enveloped on every side.


But there was still life in this remote wild lands resistant. A dog identical to the wolf pack was moving along the frozen river views. Hairy skins of animals, often kept the ice. Mixed with exhausted air evaporates, and then transformed into sheer ice particles clinging to feathers. Leather harnesses, leather straps collets still sidelined as a sürükledikleri bağlanmıştı.Yüz Basic Works Mini, Mini Books, Novel Mini, Face Basic Works, Abstract


One night, they will be lost dogs. Kabolmaları continues from day to day as well. Scarey wolf herd owners Bill and decides to shoot them to get revenge on them. But that would be the end of it.


Then the she-wolf, and other members of the herd that's when I noticed another sled after them leave. The other members of the flock to be with one eye and the young wolf, wolf teeth may start a fight. One eye will win this fight. The female wolf is the offspring of the four. Toydur arise and the world to recognize cave wolf cub. But then they will cave and dangerous world sees with his own eyes. Time of famine, but his mother wolf and lynx kittens places would be up to fight white teeth. It pays to lose his life fighting lynx. After this incident, the female Kurt ie, "Kish" means the owners and white female and her mother take them to concentration camps. White teeth from day to day, and the camp goes wild and LIP Lip other dogs pulls on his anger. The reason for this is that a wolf babsının. The camp is spread by day and louder and White Dis reputation. Only in this ündür a bad reputation. Tents of fish, meat, etc. food, player, struggling with other dogs, beat 'em to death sometimes. Until the end of the camp, there appears kıtlıklerda left the camp, and does not undergo famines. The reason for this is that dogs are also yemeleridir thick hungry people in the container. One day I would have to leave White Fang and Kish. White Fang's mother, then gets up to go, but the owner does not let go of Grey Beaver. Then go to the land of the north to sell goods in the hands of Gray Beaver and White Fang are also well.

Gold seekers during the summer months in the northern parts of the country has been one of Sinil. Here comes the gold digger hundreds. This umt countries also earn a good income by selling the goods in the hands of Gray Beaver. White Teeth there is also a convenient stop. Allt people who came to look delicate, weak, cowardly dogs give lessons. The status of the inhabitants of the country of which it kuyzey White Dis Gray Beaver becomes beautiful Smith talks to sell it to him. Gray Gray Beaver beaver steady against the attitude of the changing tactics gives you, and it adapts to drink. Nice having a month in the hands of Smith, Gray Kunduz What to do if you do not get all the money and the provision of drinks like White Dis. Fain Grey Beaver is forced to fulfill this request.


Ever since the first ever dislikes Beautiful Smith in White Teeth. There is no attempt to escape three times, but still beautiful gray dog who fled Smith takes over Kunduz. In the meantime, there is an increased anger and hostility towards other creatures. He could hear of hatred against him for his former master. If the new owner of the dog fights him day by day, and it makes you angry.


Kill all your opponents one by one in front of the White Fang. There is no other şansıda fights. While the other survives only eaten there appears dead. White Fang again, this time only a formidable opponent in a fight a doberman dog type of dog fights and hunts him off guard. White Doberman crucial in DIS off the throat. White Fang did what he did not escape his grasp. Slide two people who are going through that neighborhood, went to help the White Dis. You are the owner of a small force in return for money. Beautiful Smith in White at the end of the DIS to be willing to not accept the first place, and it sells.


At first the new owner does not accept Scott's White Teeth. He waits punished. However, Scott and White Dis think will survive in this state, because White Teeth more battered, sore throat is. However, thanks to the love of White Dişyaşamayı succeeds, and the new owner starts slowly uysallaşmaya. White Fang is the owner of his care home owner has undertaken protect the spying.


Day comes, Scott decides to leave the job due to his family in California. But White Fang owner's first attempt to go again, he would leave his sezer taking experience. As they wish with the owner goes to his family. There quickly get used to the rules. Do not fight with other dogs, chickens do not eat any other issanlara attack, if you are not a thief, of course.


Scott's father is a murderer sentenced to prison, the news that the suspect, Scott escapes and enters the house. Household that night, wake up the sound of a great noise, and two-handed weapon. As they looked at entering and White Dis wounded lying in blood along the floor of the series they find the killer. White Dis take them to the vet immediately. Doctor's surgery, but it should be considered that in this case, the surgery can not live even better crosses. However, this serious operation in case of power of the White Dis life keeps her alive, and his wife, along with the coil dogs and puppies due to fatigue phenomena ılıklığında the sun plunges into a deep sleep.


Jack London’s Call of the Wild is the story of a dog’s journey from living a cocooned life in sunny California, to the unforgiving frozen dunes of the arctic. A man’s greed stole Buck’s comfortable life. He was sold by his master’s trusted servant to men heading south in search of that precious yellow metal--gold. Buck’s journey through the harsh landscapes as a sledge dog, passing from one master to another, teaches him to survive in the ways of the wild. In the process, his natural killer instincts, made dormant by his brush with civilisation, awaken. Buck becomes the best sledge dog ever that walked the frozen trails to the land of gold. But that’s not the end of his journey. In fact, it had just begun…will he answer the call of the wild? It’s more than just a children’s story or merely a dog’s story, it’s our story. Buck could have been the name of one of those gold hunters who had left their comfortable lives to venture into the frozen wild in search of gold. There’s a difference though, Buck was forced. But aren’t we humans forced too? Forced by the compulsion of greed, of having more, and yet more? Buck fought for supremacy among other dogs, Buck fought to be the leader, Buck killed, Buck protected those who needed protection, and Buck saved, even his master, from death. Among all the lessons that he learned, one of the first and the most important was never to fall. For, that meant being torn apart by other dogs of the pack. Doesn’t this hold true for us as well? The novel has a universal appeal--it is deeper than what meets the eyes in the first read.--Submitted by Anonymous.