Road Runnerlar: Usually around a common bird in Mexico and America ...California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, and is rarely seen in the United States.

Roadrunner is about 56 centimeters tall and weighs 300 Grams ...Referred to as the New Mexico State bird the Roadrunner ...Some Indian tribes, has protected against bad spirits Roadrunnerın.

Although you need to specify both spend most of their time at a live Road-laying Runnerlar in 24 km speed can even more speed ...Road close to Runnerların types of olduğuda. 15.

Road Runnerlar typically feed on Insects, scorpions, spiders, snakes have been seen they eat fruits and vegetables with ...Road Runnerlar çiftleşirler in spring, the incubation period ranges from 18-20 days, 2 through 12 eggs and birth interval is 1 year ...

, And Road Runnerlar in nature, they live in 7-8 years ...