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En İyi Cevap!

The book is about three women, from different countries, who race cars for a living. It talks about the problems and obstacles that they encountered on the road to success.
The first woman we meet is Danica Patrick, from the United States, who became the first woman to win the famous Indy race in 2008. Her first big win was in 2002, when she won an important race in California.
More wins followed, but she always had to face a lot of criticism from the male drivers. She is now very famous and attributes much of her success to her parents. Next, we learn about Milka Duno, from Venezuela. In 1996, she went professional, and in 1999 she moved to the United States. She had some success, but when she moved up to participate in the Indy races, her cars had serious engine problems, and she had to endure criticism from male drivers. This didn’t worry her too much. She has starred in a movie and has other interests besides racing. Lastly, we meet Laleh Seddigh, from Iran, who started racing when she was twenty-three. There was a lot of opposition from the men to the idea of females racing cars, but she proved herself when she won Iran’s biggest racing championship in 2005. In 2007, the authorities said the engine in her car was bigger than the specified size for the race, and she was banned for twelve months. She wasn’t devastated by this, as she has a good job at a university, and Hollywood is planning to make a movie of her life.

Racing was a men's sport - and then came the women. Danica Patrick is from the United States. Mika Duno is Venezuelan. Laleh Seddigh is from Iran. They race with men and they are winners.

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