Will help you understand the value of your health.
Enhance quality of life and helps to improve.
Improves physical performance.
Reduces the risk of heart disease.
Maximum oxygen capacity increases.
Reduces the risk of high blood pressure or progression.
Those who have high blood pressure, helps to keep blood pressure under control.
Triglycerid level in the blood decreases.
Blood is good cholesterol (HDL) increases.
Resting heart rate decreases.


Basketball, five-a-ball played in teams on hand and a height of 3.05 meters to win the pot by passing the circle called the working team game. Is a kind of a sport which is popular all over the world. First, played out by James Naismith in 1891. James Naismith basketball game inspired by the Mayas believed tlahiotenie tribe.
Basketball, the United States, Massachusetts, Springfield Young Men's Association (YMCA) Training School physical education teacher in 1891 by James Naismith made. Developed in order to make beyzbolculara winter athletes and workout goals in this game, the ball sokulmasıydı baskets made of wood. Challenge yourself in the form of the first, between two teams of seven people in three 20 minutes played through the circuit. Constitutes the main goal of the game baskets, dr. By Naismitih this game, "basket ball", meaning "basket ball" is called.

Which is also important in terms of children's physical and mental development of basketball, team game due to personal and social development, are also effective.
Basketball, shortly after SIGNING YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association / Young Men's Christian Association), surpassing all schools, universities and even neighborhoods spread from gymnastics halls. Against the awakening desire and enthusiasm to this sport clubs Youth basketball teams open branches and thus forced to establish a basketball, has become America's most popular national game