should la ilgili 5 cümle yaz trafik işaretlerinin anlamlarını yaz bize beşinci sınıfta böyle soruldu

. Valerie is ______ Italy.

A)  in B)  from C)  at D)  where 2. A: ______ is Antakya? 
B: It is in the Mediterranean region.

A)  Who B)  Where C)  What D)  How 3. Sinop is in the Black Sea ______.

A)  capital B)  city C)  region D)  cities 4. Ankara is the ______ city.

A)  region B)  country C)  people D)  capital 5. I’m from ______.

A)  Greek B)  Dutch C)  Greece D)  French 6. A: ______ are you from? 
B: I’m from Poland.

A)  How B)  Where C)  Who D)  What 7. İzmir is in the ______ of Turkey.

A)  east B)  region C)  west D)  centre 8. China is a crowded ______.

A)  city B)  country C)  people D)  weather 9. Paris is the capital ______ of France.

A)  city B)  country C)  region D)  central 10. A: What nationality ______? 
B: I’m English.

A)  do you B)  have you C)  are you D)  country