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'Robin, eighteen years old, the vigorous, well that can use the arrow A YOUNG MAN. Which was held by the Sheriff of Nottingham to participate in an archery contest, passing through the forest, foresters say to him, and throw them at the end of the fight, a forester JRobin is forced to kill it with the arrow. His work is much regretted. Foresters who died, is a relative of the Sheriff of Nottingham, Sheriff Robin's arrest shows a special interest in the business. Its purpose is to avenge the relatives, as well as the amount of two hundred pounds is to get the prize. This event falls on the state of outlaw Robin, in the woods for a year if stored in the person who gathers around the outlaw. Numbers in the face of these people as soon as the Robin Hood of the elect, and henceforth their leader, they will swear to rob soyanları. Adaleletsiz taxes, land rent or unfair penalties forced everyone's benefit that the poor benefit claims; uzatacaklardı a helping hand to those in need. In addition, not to hurt any child, no woman has sworn not to harm.

Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood, but for some reason no one seemed to catch the ads gave the money to kill the guy with him on it .. tuttar But the room .. then joins Robin's gang hoodun

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