Lady Gaga

Lady gaga has got blonde hair  and she is slim and she has got wavey hair.She is of medium weight.She has got green eyes.She is beatiful.She Like sing a song



Singer Katy Perry was born in California in 1984, the name of the first "UR So Gay" song announce ravaged world of the internet. Myspace is considered by many people as a singer Katy's actually in the music business since the early 2000s.
Growing by listening to gospel singer, first in 2001 as "Katy Hudson" titled gospel album in music studies after removing the continued small-scale works. In 2004, his production team The Matrix, the studio has joined as vocalist. The artist, working with producer Glen Ballard celebrities for a while at that time was working on the album scheduled for release. Recorded with Ballard "Simple", "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" were included in the soundtrack of his 2005 film. Signed long-term agreements with record companies up to that period has not nominated a chance to Katy went fine this time. "Simple," the singer song attracted the interest of Virgin record label record deal after sitting down at a table started to work on his first solo album.
First of all famous on the internet "UR So Gay" EP released as part of the ongoing artist Greg Wells, Dr. Luke, Butch Walker, Max Martin and Cathy Dennis has worked with "One of the Boys" album, June 17, 2008 was presented to music lovers. The album's first single, "I Kissed a Girl" was chosen piece. clip of the song on iTunes in the list on the internet at a time climbing the summit was one of the most watched videos.