Red Kit

Kovboydu ever quick on the draw, not even the shadow of that rapid fire, continuous Joe, Jack, ran after the brothers William and Avarel Dalton, stupid dog, Rin Tin Tin's head to save trouble, would chat with veteran horse Düldül
Everyone loves a klasikti Red Kit, Milliyet newspaper comic had it for years Red Kit disappears at the end of each adventure, while his horse sank into the sun, I would sing as a lone cowboy Dress was always the same, but after years of smoking left, takes his place had become a weed in his mouth
Sarah Bernhard'la, Kalamiti adventures lived with Jane, a girl he once nişanlanmıştı NENS Chinese washerwoman, the most popular tiplerdendi levazımatçısı vulture funeral Mail truck company, Wells Fargo CoBanko was the slogan on the go Bar drinks Kızılderililer'le peace, protects the small town of Daisy, mail cars were accompanying Perfect man I guess I was in love with Red Kit 

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popeye the sailor Man' likes eating spanach.He doesn't like carrots.He is a strong man.His favourite activity is dancing