Van, Turkey Van in Eastern Anatolia Region, Upper Murat-section Vangölü closed basin. Dogubeyazit north of Ararat, Diyadin and Dough counties, south Pervari in Siirt, Sirnak Beytüssebap, Hakkari Yüksekova center and is surrounded by the districts. Is located to the east of the Iranian border.
Surface area of 19.069 km ². 2289 km ² area of the central district of Van province in total real area of 21 823 m².
Van, Eastern Anatolia Region covered with volcanic mountains in the hollow part of the eastern shore of Lake Van is built on an area of 5 km from the gently sloping. The average altitude is 1725 m., Respectively. Part of the province of Van, the largest lake in Turkey and the rest of Lake Van, a depression surrounded by high mountains in the middle section of this mountainous state.

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Life is weird .. The pain-sweet, sorrow-joy, distress-joy, etc. .. always an adventure full of contrasts We are a world of their own alemimizde appears to us wrestle with our problems on the other hand many others curse of hunger, terror quantities, quantities, etc. of the earthquake. plagued by disasters. The fact that this incident we came to ourselves and our self-control to do a serious reason for this situation is a very serious warning while we regret the'' temporary'' or'' left to right mind choose to give you a unique opportunity to evaluate''.

Van earthquake, last minute earthquake news, earthquake in Van .. do it for them, just search for news and informed. In this article,'' Van earthquake, earthquake last minute news, and news about the Van earthquake,'' let's do it together, separated by this letter I want to spare time. In this article we will share with you an article that shook me seriously. If you have not read this post, please read the read re-let's read together. Then they think about a five to ten minutes. A hesaplaşalım ourselves. What then? Determine Hesaplaşmamız later anyway.

I've been reading a great article, there alıntıladım.Buyrun:

Sızlar Conscience!

Jerked around 2 in the afternoon. This time it was built on the land of Van trembled like a malarial patient. We are talking a completely different agendas, showed a completely different issues, hunched himself the face of disasters. Development of communication such disasters delivers an incredible speed, even the most remote corners. In fact, at the beginning of the debris was soon crying girl pink sweatpants Kurdish agencies. Lived in a major trauma. His mother was hit from place to place himself or his sister he cried in surprise only.

Curtains drooping out of the burning buildings destroyed by the earthquake in my life enkazlarındaki. Bulandığı white clothes left to dry on balconies dust is so bad these images of people. And of course, kids crying at the beginning of the wreckage ... What can I say, over the time of the event saw the sorrow of humanity caught a completely different disasters. In fact, we have witnessed the deplorable cruelty images of Gaddafi's funeral was not very different from what I'm trying to say.

First, please allow me do a little reminder. Makes certain periods each year statistical survey companies. In our survey the most banal, 'do you think is the biggest problem?' shaped. You know, this is done for decades. May change in the first row, so does not change the overall classification. Some would term unemployment in some periods of terror, sometimes the term corruption, etc ...

We have done this for all the world as it is. Starvation occurs sometimes, wars, interest, global warming, etc.. Remove from ... However, many made no mention of statistics, mentions getirmeyeceğimiz have problems even with our language so easily. I just do not belong to us, of course, in my opinion all over the world have similar problems.

Shamelessness, for example, is one of the most important problems of modern man. Then immoral, unconscionable ... Apathy is a disease, at least they trouble us much. After the earthquake in Van, some so strange, that unscrupulous and immoral responses came from, believe me, was speechless. He was rascal who can say, for example: "God did not do the State and Van destroyed!"

Wait, just please do not get upset. There is a saying attributed to Ruskin, said: "There are many religions, but morality is unique." Unfortunately, the different kinds of immorality! This disaster 'Divine justice' says Conscience unfortunately turned out! Establish a connection with the terror of the earthquake, which killed their parents in a message from left to right bedduaların who has created this earthquake had a no-brainer. It even had the süflileşen purification souls. The government will never help in the disaster area from receiving 'Kürdo'lara not to help, go to terror aid to those who saw humanity as to say yesterday.

This Conscience, 'if God had done pinpoint at first, you have taken the buildings in your head saying, but it's also possible to silence the bozulmasıydı a society, I think. In such cases do not fall surveys was making problems. Illnesses are not included in the statistics. And perhaps it was raining on us all disasters as a result of this impairment.

'Become a captive conscience,' says Aristotle, vakta that, instead of hatred and our conscience would be captured, then a happy society, talk about a peaceful world. Sızlardı Conscience Conscience of course, but I would know where! God bless us all disasters.

Caspian M.Nedim

Finally, if you want to deliver aid to earthquake survivors in our hands and throwing an sms at least one of $ 5 you can help.

To do this, type 5777 to the VAN (Nobody Yok Mu) or blank message to 2868 (Red Crescent) can. Of course, you want to make large donations to the Red Crescent can donate by clicking here.

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