a) Some olumlu cümlelerde kullanılır:
• I had some rice for lunch 
• He’s got some books from the library. 
b)Aynı zamanda some cevabından olumlu sonuç beklediğim sorularda kullanılır.: 
• Did he give you some tea? (= I’m sure he did.) 
• Is there some fruit juice in the fridge? (= I think there is) 

c) Bazen some bir ricada bulunmak veya ortaya fikir atmak için soru cümlelerinde kullanılabilir.
• Could I have some books, please? 
• Why don’t you take some books home with you? 
• Would you like some books? 

Any soru ve olumsuz cümlelrde not ile kullanılır.

• Have you got any tea? 
• He didn’t give me any tea. 
• I don’t think we’ve got any coffee left. 
No olumlu cümlerde yokluktan bahsetmek için kullanılır.
• I have no time, so I have to hurry up. 
• He didn’t give me any tea, so I had no tea
• I think we have no coffee left.
• Are there no people in the room?
• I don’t think we’ve got any coffee left.


SOME Olumlu Cümlelerde.
a. I will have some news next week.
b. She has some valuable books in her house.
c. Philip wants some help with his exams.
d. There is some butter in the fridge.
e. We need some cheese if we want to make a fondue.

SOME Sorularda
a. Would you like some help?
b. Will you have some more roast beef?
ANY Olumsuz Cümlelerde.
a. She doesn’t want any kitchen appliances for Christmas.
b. They don’t want any help moving to their new house.
c. No, thank you. I don’t want any more cake.
d. There isn’t any reason to complain.

ANY Soru Cümlelerinde
a. Do you have any friends in London?
b. Have they got any children?
c. Do you want any groceries from the shop?
d. Are there any problems with your work?


I love any form of chocolate. --> Çikolatanın hangi şekli olursa olsun, severim.

Did you get any massage about your application? --> Başvuruna dair herhangi bir mesaj aldın mı?