the most powerful earthquake hit japan on friday march 11 2011 at 2.46 p.m local time. The earquake was 8.9 magnitude. A huge tsunami followed the earthquake. The waves reached six mles on japan's northeast coast. The wall of water swept away cars, ships and buildings. The earthquake and tsunami caused extensive damage and there were thousands of deaths and hundreds of missing people . In tokyo people screamed and grabbed each other's hands when the quake hit . the shock was so powerful that even the people in beijing felt it. 1.where did the earthquake occur? 2.when did it happen? 3.What was the magnitude of the 2011 tohoku earthquake ? 4.What happened after the earthquake? 5.why were there thousands of deaths? 6.Did the people in Beijing feel the earthquake. Soruların cevapları lütfen.

Yes you can 2.2 students book kitabi.




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