Know your learning style. Take a learning style quiz from a career specialist or counselor. This will help you plan study strategies.

Decide what to study, how long to study or how much to study before you get started. Set a goal and stick to your deadlines.

If you’re a motivated student, complete difficult tasks first. For procrastinators, start off with the easy, interesting parts of the project. Reward yourself as you accomplish tasks.

Have special places to study. Take into consideration lighting, temperature and the location of a desk, pen, paper, etc.

Study 30-50 minutes then take a 10-minute break. Stretch, relax and have a snack. If you get tired or bored, move to a different location, subject or task.


Allow plenty of time for reading, outlining and writing papers. Use less time for memorization, review and self-testing.


Use memory activities to review just before you fall asleep.


Study with a friend. Quiz each other, compare notes and predict test questions.


Speak up! If you need help, ask for it.
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