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* Sulfur oxides from volcanic eruptions and industrial processes oxidize in the presence of nitrogen dioxide to form acid rain.

* Carbon monoxide, the emission from combustion of fuels like wood and coal, is a very poisonous gas.

* Particulate matter can be both, natural as well as man made. This pollutant originates within dust storms, volcanoes, forest fires or wildfires and sea sprays. Human activities contribute to nearly 10% of the aerosols in the atmosphere.

* Ammonia is a gas emitted via agricultural processes. It is both hazardous as well as caustic.

* Sources of air pollution are many and commonly include anthropogenic sources or those that result from human activity and natural sources like dust, methane, radioactive decay and volcanic ash particulates.

* Lack of proper ventilation causes the radon emission from the earth to be trapped indoors, within houses and offices. This gas is carcinogen and has been linked to the development of numerous forms of cancer. The radon gas is also emitted from building materials and extensive carpeting. Lethal lead paint easily degenerates into dust and is inhaled.

* The use of air fresheners, pesticides and chemical sprays also put the people in the immediate environment at risk of developing respiratory tract disorders, poisoning and fatalities. yeter mi?

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