Elephants have large ears.
Elephants have a very large body of.
Elephants live in the land.
There are elephant trunk.
Elephants, four or five feet high, four or five tons in weight.
Africa and Asia live in warm regions.
Seventy years and fifty elephants usually live.
There are white and gray.
Elephants can not jump.
Elephant is an animal mammal.
Elephants and teeth are very precious.

The bear is an animal mammal
Life of thirty five and fifty years
Is the bear's large body of
bears are carnivorous
And short tail has a thick pelt of the bear
Ayılar ağaca tırmanabilir
Bears can swim
Bears are fond of eating honey
Between one and two meters in length.
There are black bears and dun
bears will hibernate

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Cats are small, tame, furry mammals that are often kept as pets and farm animals. There are over 30 different breeds of tame cats, with different body shapes and sizes, coloring, fur length, eye color, tail length, voice, and temperament. House cats do not enjoy swimming. Cats were domesticated over 7,000 years ago.

Diet: Even tame cats are fast, effective hunters. They arecarnivores (meat-eaters). Cats will kill and eat small mammals, birds, fish, frogs, lizards, and snakes. On farms, cats help reduce the vermin population (rats, mice, and other small, destructive animals). Cats use their acute sight and hearing to catch prey. They swallow large bites of meat without chewing it. Cats are primarily nocturnal (most active at night). They have very good night vision.

Anatomy: Cats are graceful animals that have a rounded face. They have a sand-papery tongue and needle-like teeth. Their skeleton is extremely flexible.

Cats are subtle solitary, independent, regal creatures that express affection on their own terms. It’s exactly these characteristics that draw people so deeply to them. When a cat loves you, it feels like the queen has just given you her smile of approval! When a cat crawls up on your lap and rubs your face with its cheek, it’s pretty difficult not to smile. Soft to the touch and immensely fun to play with, but fully capable of keeping themselves entertained, cats work well with families and kids that lead rather busy lives and want to snuggle up to an affectionate animal without having to spend hours and hours each day on exercise, cleaning and maintenance.