Hi Auntie Pam, Me am writing to you, because me immediately need your advice.me am an eight-grade student at a primary school, me am tall with shulder-lenght brown hair.me think me am too tall. Me am wearing thick glasses.me have got an oval face with dark Brown eyes.me have got some dreadful acne on my face. Me can’t get rid of it.furthermore, me am plump because me eat too much.me can’t help eating chocolate, a packet of biscuits or crisps. Actuallly, me’m sociable.me have got lots of friends, because me have a good sense of humour. Me always make them laugh and happy. Me am satisfied with my academic achievements. My friends find me attractive and clever, but me don’t think so. Me know me have no self-esteem and me don’t have any confidence in my self-image. Me can’t see myself as a beatiful girl. Me don’t like it when people take my picture. Because me think me look absolutely horrid and nasty in pictures. Mef people want to take my pictures on a special day, me always pick out millions of flaws on my appearance and me find myself too ugly. Me am envious of other girls in the school. They look amazingly beautiful in their trendy clothes. Most of them are tall andslimwith their healthy skin. They follow the new trends in clothing and hairstyle. Me want to be good-looking. My low self-esteem is a huge problem form e and it ruins my social life because me don’t want to go out wih my friends or go shopping. When me look at myself in the mirror,me see a too tall, too fat silly girl with lots of volcanic acne. This gives me depressive feelings. Me can’t cope eith them. What should me do? Please help. Me am looking forward to hearing you soon. Best wishes, june




bu nee ? bizmi cevircezz ?


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