In order for what I am about to explain to make any sense I must first define and illustrate the locations of some parts of the brain The first is the cortex The cortex is the convoluted gray matter around the outside of the brain It contains the neurons where complex thoughts and ideas come from The lobes are the four parts of the cortex, but I will only explain three because the fourth, the occipital, is irrelevant to my subject The parietal lobe is located on the top of the brain At the very front of the parietal lobe is the sensory cortex This is where feelings from all over the body are made sense of The second part, the temporal lobe is located behind your temples An important feature of this lobe is the superior temporal gyrus which makes sense of what we hear Inside this lobe is another set of nerve cells that is called the basal ganglia This group of cells has a role in language, memory, and movement The last lobe is the frontal lobe The frontal lobe is located behind your forehead and above your eyes At the top of the frontal lobe is the supplementary motor cortex that plans out movements of the body (Kolb and Whishaw, 1998) İnşallah doğrudur pek okuyamadım ;D

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