what I do Your strip cinema 

and Fotboll 

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  Listen to the dialogues and fill in the gaps.

Thomas : Hello, I...’m Jane. What’s YOUR.name?
Amy : Hello, MY name is Amy.
Thomas : Nice to meet you.
Amy : Me too.

Steve : Molly, this is Janis.
Molly : Hello, Janis. Nice to meet YOU
Janis : ME too.

Lily : Hi, Brad.
Brad : Hi, Lily. How are YOU?
Lily :I’m fine, thanks. And YOU.?
Brad : I’m OK, thanks.
4. Kelly : Goodbye, Tony.
Tony : Bye, Kelly. See YOU soon.
Kelly : See YOU

6. Fill in the gaps as in activity 2. Then read the dialogues with your partner.
A. Carol : Hello, MY name’s Carol. What’s YOUR NAME name?
David : Hi, I’m David.
Carol : Nice to meet YOU .
David : ME too.
B. Janet : Hi, Mary.
Mary : Hi, Janet. How are YOU?
Janet :I’m Fine, thanks. And YOU?
Mary :I’m OK, thanks.