My schoolday

My schoolday begins at half past six. Then I dress up and brush my teeth. After that, at twenty-five past seven, I eat some sandwiches or cottage cheese with sugar. Then I watch cartoons. Twenty to eight I must go out.

When I arrive to school, I go to the cloakroom and after that I go to my class. The first break starts at eight o'clock and the first lesson starts at fifteen past eight and it ends at nine o'clock. The break after the first lesson lasts for ten minutes. Then, at ten past nine, starts the second lesson. It ends at five to ten. Then there`s a break of ten minutes again and then starts the third lesson. It ends at ten to eleven. Then it's the first lunch. Classes from one to five eat then. The break lasts for twenty minutes. Then it's the fourth lesson that ends at five to twelve. Then it's the second lunch and then we eat. We are in the seventh grade. At this lunch, classes from six to twelve and teachers eat. The fifth lesson starts at fifteen past twelve and it ends at one o'clock. Then it`s a break that lasts for ten minutes again and then is a lesson that ends at five to two. Then some students can go home by the first schoolbus. The seventh lesson starts at five past two and it ends at ten to three. Then there's a break of five minutes and the last lesson ends at twenty to four. After the lessons I have different trainings, for example volleyball training or piano lessons.

We have really much fun at school. There are most of my friends. We play cards. Sometimes boys harass us. After school we usually go to a shop or a cafe.

When I arrive home I'm dead beat! So, I can't learn. Then I can relax and listen to some music. After that I do my home exercises and at six o'clock I go out. That's my schoolday!