kova... di biliyorum..benn öyledir kesiin

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kova aquariustur.


Aquarius ones, no matter the level of education in scientific field which will have a vision. These signs are attributed by astrologers as a sign of genius. There are original ideas in the field of scientific and artistic fields. Are relevant to the future of their different characteristics. It goes far beyond the time in which they feel themselves to be living. Rational approaches, the sign of the features of the bucket. Buckets, sentimentality, rather than act with the mental faculty. Their minds can not control the circumstances overwhelm them. Therefore, partially devoid of emotions, minds adopt a lifestyle that is dominant.

Violation of the TA, the sign of the features of the bucket. Unusually, eager to make a style dominated all their lives. A revolutionary structure, the sign of the features of the bucket. They do not want to be dependent to the past and embrace innovation in all aspects. Also extremely fond of freedom. Free as long as they are happy and successful at. Aquarians blunt manners, ideas, however, the degree of stubbornness is fixed.

Aquarius Those are cool looking. Are not skilled at humor. Are devoid of enthusiasm. Success in leadership, the bucket features of the sign are not counted. They do not want to take the initiative because it is constantly changing and ideas. Aquarius are the virtuous ones. Honesty and reliability aspects of the extremely superior. Hard-working and loyal people, and are loved by the community. 

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