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the Turks in history, set up a large number of state. Most of these states in question, where were the great powers periods. This is the number of states, some of the available historical sources ranged from 113 to 180. Of course, this is not only the Turkish states in history who lived. Research continues, and it states that this number will increase certainty is expected to gain more information about the historical geography.

Regardless of the number of Turkish states in history, every period of history, the Turks have preserved the traditions of the state. Taken in terms of time zones and geographical places they live, the Turkish world distribution area, with a large part of Asia and Europe are covered by the northern part of Africa.

Today, the world public opinion, an argument processed by the Western world, "the Turks on the hometown Central Asia, then you must go all the Turks in Central Asia." There is a fallacy of view. This took place before Christ, which is based on the migration movement.

On the other hand, the Turkish civilization to be installed again, it is done all over the world work hand in hand. In today's super-powers ideals, broken and crushed always lies in a Turkish world. On this occasion, do not hesitate no time to explain their views and thoughts. In this context, proverbs invention are even. A Jewish proverb says: "God, make the Turks narrow shoes. Wounds, the pain of your feet something else to think" that they find the opportunity to think, immediately judge the world and establish a civilization.

Judging by their time and place in history lived in the Turkish states, the Turks began to live in the Western Huns in Europe from the 434'den.

World-wide, establishing a relationship between time and space, and can say that through the filter of political geography, ranging from the Adriatic Sea to the Sea of Japan lands, should be considered as the Turkish world. 


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