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+ Wrote a geometry book. triangle, angle, and 48 units, such as a rectangular geometry of the term (Turkish) name the father, Mustafa Kemal himself, and this book has been written.

+ An interview, "Do you think that being a member of the United Nations?" say, ancestor, ataturk: "We put our requirements, depending on assumptions., we do not apply to become a member. invite you to think if". the law changes and we would be the first country in the un invited.

+ The year 1938, General McArthur most difficult, the most problematic, the most critical period. tightened and more than twenty people standing next to more than one hundred turns and just said, "is not any one of you right now, I'd give anything to see Mustafa Kemal with great talents"

+ Years 2000, U.S. President `s message of the millennium is an excerpt:" There is no doubt today that the only statesman of the millennium, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 'type. Because he is not the only leader has managed to become the leader of the century "

+ The year 1938, a poem published in Tehran ancestor's death quote: "Allah wants to help a country wants to keep his hands of Mustafa Kemal as the leader alone makes"

+ There is a saying in Norwegian would be like washington.

There are a lot of women soldiers in the war of liberation rank +. but the history of the world has a single üsteğmenimiz, it is also 700 men, 43 women washington personally appointed by the Lieutenant reiseliğine land a detachment of her paintings.

+ Ataturk the name of the flower, which blossoms wanderbit university professor doctor `s has forty-Landin produced and sold under this name all over the world and this flower.

Trikopis Greek commander in chief, without any coercion and repression festival every republican Turkish embassy in Athens, increasingly, passes in front of a picture of Atatürk, and there were a moment of silence.

+ Washington increased the pulpit, and 52 points in a newspaper published in the newspaper called for the first time the word was censored.

+ The year 1996, the president of haiti his will left any text written on the grave stone. says: "all my life in turkey leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk died happy to have understood and implemented"

+ Year 2005, which is one of America's most famous economist, mr. johns `s proposal" one turkey in the war economy of Atatürk take an example is enough "

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*'s Favorite animal is the dog after the horses. would not leave the dog at the foot of the name of the fox.