I couldn't imagine that they were happy. There wasn't eough sentiment - that's the way I figured ut George . And nothing happened to change my oppinion until a few weeks before their twenty-fifth aniversery.
It was then that he came into my office , his fat little face shining with enthusiasm, and told me his unusual plans for the silver anniversary. His bright little eyes shone as he axplain the thing, and I'll confes that I was prwtty well confused; not alone because his plan was sentimental and profoundly impressive, but mainly because it was quiet , dull, old GeorgePotter who was planning this thing – the George Potter who had lived a quiet life since his second marriage and who had avoided social contacts.According to waht George told me, he was doing this things for Esther's shake. “It'll please her “ he explained.“ Woman like that sort of thing, you know- and this seems to me a real idea. You have to be part of it, because you were to be a best man when Iand Esther were maried. It's just a gesture on my part- a sort of sacrifice to please the old lady. “
I'll say this for George, he didn't do things halfway. Instead of the usual part, he presented a perfect duplication of his mariage to Esther twenty- five years before. there was even the same minister – very old now- and the same violenist who had played “ Oh promise me at the other ceremony. A good many of the oreginal guest were there. Most of us rather gray haired now. But the thing was very impressive: Esther in the same bridal dress she had worn twenty – five year before- let out around the hips perhaps – and carrying a bouqued of bride roses, the bridesmaids in pink, with boughed of Killarney roses; even a person to carry the ring. It was great fun and very impressive where one might have expected it to be absurd.