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How you the Turkısh?(bir türk nasıldır?)


Turkish culture is an immense mixture partly produced by the rich history. The original lands of Turks is Central Asia, bordering China. From this location, they were forced to move west for various reasons more than a thousand years ago. On the way to Anatolia they have interacted with chinese, indian, middle eastern, European and Anatolian civilizations, and today`s Turkish culture carries motives from each one of these diverse cultures. 

In this part, there are articles covering various aspects of Turkish culture and history to introduces this cultural link between European and Asian societies.

How you the Turkey(türkiye nasıldır?

Turkey has 81 distinct provinces, each hosting at least one major city. Every province and every city has some unique characteristics and attractions. In this part, we give travel guides to main attractions in major cities and provinces in Turkey. You can find information about Istanbul - the heart of Turkey, Ankara - the capital of Turkey, Antalya - the touristic capital of Turkey, and many more Turkish cities and provinces.


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