Çanakkale is our city

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Canakkale, Canakkale ILI's central district. Villages and towns in the center of the county population is 80,000 with a population of around 104,000 'I have found. Despite throat like Istanbul's population is quite small. Not containing the smallest population of central Marmara. Remaining within the borders of the ruins of ancient times, Troy. Starting with the local Turkification Karesioğulları was then the Ottoman Empire joined. Passed out of the Ottoman Thrace and Gallipoli. Biga is the fact that the old center of the city, in the Republican period, due to the successes that have gotten the name of the province and the central Canakkale, as amended. The origin of the name of the province is very advanced in the region, the dish - which means pottery craft. Kale-i with sultanas from her as a symbol of the city çanakçılık two özdeşleşince the city began to be known as the Dardanelles.
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