Auther : J.K Rowling (novel) , Steve Klaver
Starrings : Harry Potter – Daniel Radcilffe
Hermione Granger – Emma Watson
Ron Weasley – Rubert Grint
Vision Date : 15 July 2011 Sunday
Kind : Action,Dram,Fantastic,Mystery. Coming Soon 3D

In my opinion , Show of the movie date waslate. I have been waiting for a long time, I couldn’t go to cinema. Anyway I had gone. There was not so much 3D effect. Actually it was magnicifaut movie for me despite Harry Potter series ending.In my opinion Severus Snape might not die whatever Harry have been waiting for many years.If you ask ma novel or movie? Always I say novel. There was some mistakes in movie.Eyes was same of Harry and his mother in novel whatever Harry’s eyes is blue and mother’s eyes is black in movie. There was also confused events in movie. For example Neville Longbottom was very in passive position, but he is like star in last movie. Harry Potter’s character is played by Daniel Radciliffe all movie series. In the sametime Emma Watson has played in “Ballet Shoes” also Rubert Grint has played in video clip of the song.David Yates is awarded best director award after J.Cameron. It was goog idea that vision date was same for all countries. Performance of Daniel Radcilffe was perfect in “The Woman in Black” but subject of movie was not. Ending of the wrangler, Everything is becomming beatiful and marrying who starrings in end of movie that gives some smileys.

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Aşkın İnglizcesi

Zoe Cassavetes John Cassavetes, daughter of one of the pioneers of American independent cinema's first feature film "Love English" the biggest mistake of his ordinary, such as a romantic comedy, but that the marginal touted as an independent production. However, introduction, development and conclusion sections, the functioning of the issues dealt with so well-known style of the film is a romantic comedy, to be taken seriously for the sake of interest and the fact that there's no need to position itself in a different place there. Because "love English" scenario, in spite of the shortcomings and still the rhythm of the audience's attention through lead actress Parker Posey managed to keep a building standing.

Parker, Richard Linklater, and Hal Hartley films, especially known Posey'nin one of the most impressive performances of Mark Waters' first feature film, "The House of Yes" (1997) conclude that in. Tiple neurotic women that are usually seen and identified him from successfully overcome these character types Posey, one of the names I'm sure you can see that life would have been enough to make the father Cassavetes films. Parker's first feature film as a lead actress Zoe Cassavetes choose to Posey'i lies under such an association, perhaps unconscious. On the other hand Posey'nin Parker, a close friend in real life, Zoe Cassavetes, the director's first film to be more realistic about why you want to work with us to offer an explanation.


Long story short, no matter what caused Cassavetes directing preferences in their thirties looking for love creating miracles in the role of Nora unstable Posey, parçaymış character as a self-accepting and all the naturalness manages to carry the film. Even the most superficial moments of Nora's intended to be a charismatic, talented players his ferret yapaylaştıran with the best, and sometimes it's a natural rhythm tutturuyor sahnelerdeyse that viewers everyday images taken by the camera in real life, Parker Posey'nin hidden reaches the level of a realistic feeling that makes you feel watched.

All this and all the effort it takes to keep alive the character of Parker Posey'nin some moments have to admit regretfully had been in vain. "Love English" using the properties of an independent type of film narration, narrative point of view have to deal with an intellectual vessel to catch the "Bridget Jones" series, the first film is not exactly making a difference. 'Women looking for love' motif did not say a word about the conflict or unusual despite the popular film itself apart trying to keep focused on the topic "Love English," so to speak başkarakterini this cause 'failure' to büründürmek profile of a woman who spends too much effort. On top of that, sometimes engaged in reflection 'failure' woman's identity so that başkarakterinin pointless forcing a function to find the tides experienced depression and even forgets to explain beholders. Parker Posey, Nora unbalanced and unwarranted nervous crises successfully reflects the attitudes of the film does not have a function that is strong enough in the drama, the audience in the story, and leads to a drastic sense of what's happening.


However, in parallel with the story of Nora looks careless described as Zoe Cassavetes also fair to say that the side stories. Everyone was talking about a perfect marriage with envy Nora's best friend Audrey's story reflected in strong enough internal conflicts is one of the side stories. On the other hand, every 'woman looking for love' dissatisfaction and criticism as well as a history enthusiast who had to deal with a mother figure in this part of Nora's life is unfortunately a victim of expression Cassavetes sloppy. Thus, real-life mother of Zoe Cassavetes Gena Rowlands'ın that may arise from the release of potential meanings appear in the role of Nora's mother, the film lost in the shadow of the dominant-functional depresifliğin, he goes.

Likewise, the same problems have to deal with during the course of the remaining love affair between Nora and Julien, as well as alleged by the film's magical, and stormy, and after a period of exciting at the prospect of reaching a level of almost zero. For the viewers who can not sit in a backdrop of a romantic nature of this relationship is as exciting as lost, Parker Posey, Melvil Poupaud'nin are stalled in the face of well due to insufficient performance. In Film, exotic accents Melvil Poupaud to demonstrate another function to fill the position of a Frenchman, Julien character, free from passions reduces a copy of derinliksiz.

"Love English" can not output as expected with a stunning Zoe Cassavetes, the first cinema experience of each director Sofia Coppola's daughter could never succeed so perhaps underlines. To understand the "love English" Parker Posey'nin only pushing the boundaries of realism, performance and Stacey Battat'ın the original character designs for Nora watched a movie for the sake of gorgeous clothes. On the other hand, the image of the film's intellectual Kanip, the halls are accustomed to seeing vision, taste great expectations, instead of getting an average match hoping for a romantic comedy, "Love English" may be a movie for you.

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