1.Demokrasi values such as equality and freedom and democracy, the need to adopt to be believed.

Be aware of their rights and responsibilities as citizens.
Strictly comply with the law.
Respectful and tolerant manner, not in favor of violence against other human beings to be in favor of peace.
To be against all forms of discrimination.

Responsibility of being a citizen, Transport Roads:

The right to elect and be elected
to pay taxes
do military service
Be respectful of laws and rules

Duties and responsibilities of citizens in a country do not fulfill these problems occur:

1.Yönetim honestly would not be in the hands of knowledgeable people who work for the interests of contemporary and country. Administrators can not represent the people.

Income countries can not meet the expenses of the State. Therefore unable to fulfill my duty to the citizens. Protect the independence of the interior layout on the outside.
The presence of the independence and integrity of the country is in danger.
Democratic governance takes place oppressive government. Human rights can not be protected. Some of privilege recognized capita and groups.
National: living on the same territory, including language, culture and community of interest with emotions by ideals of human society.  


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