Ankara Castle: The castle was built on a hill dominating Ankara and Ankara Citadel, which has become a symbol of the city over time as the exact date of construction is unknown BC 2nd century castle is known to have the time Galatians was restored later in the Roman period, including the inner and outer castle consisting of two parts, the inner walls of the castle was probably built in 7th century by the Byzantines, then during the Arab raids in the damaged outer walls of the castle was restored again by the Byzantines in the 9th century when the castle was no exact 1073'te added to the Seljuks, was conquered by the Crusaders 1101 during this period the castle again in the hands of the Seljuks in 1227 and the subsequent Ottoman period has seen several repairs, restoration efforts in recent years strengthened


20, which has a wide range of so very little remains of the castle towers, the outer shape of a rectangle is the outer castle towers has two doors Gateway, Hisar Hisar These are the western and southern Outer Castle Gate Gate there is an inscription dated 1330 on the inner fortress of Ilhanlılar a rectangle around is in the form of partially Ankara stone and partly made of mixed heights of the inner castle consists of 42 towers varying between 14-16 m pentagonal towers as there is an inscription belonging to the Seljuk period in the northwestern part of internal walls of the castle's highest point, in the north, from the sea 978 m high Akkale Today, many in the castle survived from the Ottoman Empire from Ankara Ankara 17yüzyıldan include Alaeddin Mosque.


Alanya Kalesi,

Citadel of Alanya, Antalya, which is one of the symbols of the town of Alanya castle. Are rising up to 250 meters from the sea on the peninsula. Find the length of the walls of 6.5 kilometers.
Alanya peninsula, also known as Kandeleri settlement, together with the Hellenistic period up to the present day of the 13th inmekle century Seljuk work. Castle, who built the city in 1221 and re-take the Seljuk Sultan I. Was built by the lacinia. The castle has 83 towers and 140 bastions. Need to provide the Middle Ages, the city surrounded by water cisterns were built about 1200. Some of the tanks are used today. The walls in a planned way Ehmedek, Citadel, Hurling, Cilvarda over the nose, down from Arab Evliyası Burcu and Esat Burcu Arsenal and dockyard was built through the Kızılkule'nin will end.