Is a country in Central Europe . North of the North Sea , Denmark, and the Baltic Sea , the east by Poland and the Czech Republic to the south by Austria and Switzerland , and to the west by France, Luxembourg , Belgium, and the Netherlands. Germany 357,021 km ² and covers an area located in the temperate climate zone . With a population of over 81.5 million is the country with the largest population of the European Union . Is also the third- most immigrants .

Germanic peoples lived in the region before the year Cermanya called 100 . 10th century until 1806 was part of the Holy Roman Empire, Germanic regions . 16th century northern Germany became the center of the Protestant Reformation . During the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, the first Germanic people of the nation-state has become . II . After World War II , in 1949 , Germany was divided into two states, winning the war by the states . In 1990, these two states combined. Then the name of West Germany in 1957, a founding member of the European Union , the European Community . Incorporating in East Germany in 1993, became a member of this union . Germany is a part of the Schengen area , and in 2002 adopted the common European currency, the euro .

Germany is a federal parliamentary republic. Of sixteen states (Bundesländer ) . The capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany United Nations , NATO, the G8 members, and ratified the Kyoto Protocol . According to Germany in 2007 , 3rd in the world by GDP and most of exports, the largest economy in the country. The second country in the world for the development of the country 's multi- donor konumundadır.Buna its military spending budget, the 6th sıradadır.Ülke , the social security system has a high standard of living . Germany, Europe 's population and economic issues of the country by the development of a high international level plays a key role . Germany is the leader in the field of science and technology, as many have been adopted.
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