• Eodev Kullanıcısı

- The case of a person before agreeing to advocate the person (your client) religions, believes may be useful in the case agrees
- The case law on the subject, examines the decisions of the higher courts,
- Extensive research and investigation on the case, which makes
- The courts, the various lawsuits filed against his client opens or participate in the proceedings,
- Plays on the testimony of witnesses and the questions the court asks,
- To ensure that the conclusion of the judgment in favor of his client for the purpose of self-defense and defense prepares the text of the speech, which makes
- Makes the execution proceedings,
- New from the broadcast and is followed by the laws and interpretations.

-Legal issues and comments on legal issues,

-The court or judicial authority in the face of the other organs to sue and defend the rights of natural and legal persons;