robi is 45 years old and he is a truck driver.he is on the road at least 10 months a year. ''I like this job and I can't do another job.It is hard to work in an office all day''.Says Rob. Rob drives all day, has his meal and sleeps in his comfortable truck.His truck is his home.Today, he is carrying oranges from Italy to England.There is a nice music on the CD and he is singing together.Also, it is raining. It looks very romantic.

1.who is Rob?

2.why does he like his job?

3.what does he do in the truck?

4.where is he driving now?

5.why is it romantic in the truck now? cevaplarsanız sevinirim...




he is a truck driver.

because hard to workin an office all day.

he is driver 


its raining