dear june ı was really sorry for you when ı read your letter. you summarized your condition in a simple and true are concious of your good qualities; you are attractive, succesful and sociable; they are not enough for you.ıf you have a healthy self-esteem, you can accept your good qualities.perfection shouldn't be your goal.don't judge yourself with it. ı think the body images in your mind control your self-esteem .they are thin,young and fashionable woman images.unfortunately , tv, videos and films placed our minds these images.actually , they create unrealistic expectations. today's teenage girls believe that they can only be attractive if they look like models.ı think you are young enough to be beautiful and you are wise enough to be attractive. let's take your your question as ''what should you do to have a healthy body and healthy look? first of all, don't eat while studying.ıf you want to eat between meals , you had better eat fruit and yoghurt instead of biscuits, crisps and chocolate . you should avoid eating junk food. eating fruit and vegetables gives you a healthy skin and a healthy body. you shouldn't miss meals. ıf you meals a meal you will starve every for hour of the day and want to eat hihg-calorie also ought to do exercise makes you feel fit and happy.second change your wardrobe .go shopping and by the clothes in which you feel bettter.why don't you ntry a new hairstyle? a stlish cut will give you a new image.finally look at your self in the mirror , you will see an attractive and a clever young lady. good luck yukarıdaki paragrafta anlatılak istenenin kısaca 2-3 cümlelik özetini yazar mısınız?




bir kişinin kendini tanıtımı sevdikleri sevmedikleri yapmaktan  hoşalnıp hoşlanmadıkları :)

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