One day a man called Dr. Mortimer comes to visit Sherlock Holmes to tells about a man who was killed mysteriously. His name is Charles Baskerville. He was killed by a gigantic dog just outside the Hall. The footprints near his death body don't belong to a human. Holmes and Dr Watson will reveal this terrible event. They go to the Baskerville's home together. There are two servants who hear some strange voices. They travel all round and they find some footprints of a large hound near the river. Later Sir Henry dies mysteriously. First he suspects from the maid's brother who escapes from the prison but then he is killed too.

The next day Dr Mortimer comes with an anonymous letter which warns them to keep away from the moor. Holmes and his friend go to the moor to find out something. There they find Stopleaton' s wife. She tells all the truth. Their surnames aren't Stopleaton and his husband's name Is Rodger Baskerville. He is the black sheep of the family. He escaped from America and changed his name. he always wants to be the master of Baskerville. Therefore he has to kill Charles who is afraid of the hound. Therefore Rodger buys a large hound and since Charles' heart is weak it is easy to kill him by the hound..

Holmes goes to the moor with Watson at night and when it comes they shoot it. Now it is safe for the family.

Silas Marner is a member of a small Christian congregation in Lantern Yard who is accused of stealing the congregation's funds while sitting with a very ill elder of the group. Two clues are given against him: a pocket-knife and the discovery of the bag formerly containing the money in his own house. Silas says that he last used the knife to cut some string for his friend William, who leads the campaign against him. Silas is proclaimed guilty and the woman he was to marry casts him off, and later marries William. With his life shattered and his heart broken, he leaves Lantern Yard.

Marner then settles near the village of Raveloe, where he lives as a recluse who exists only for work and his precious hoard of money until that money is stolen by Dunstan Cass, a dissolute younger son of Squire Cass, the town's leading landowner. The loss of his gold drives Silas into a deep gloom, although a number of the villagers endeavour to help him.

Soon, however, an orphaned child comes to Raveloe. She was not known by the people there, but she is really the child of Godfrey Cass, the eldest son of the local squire. Her mother, Molly, is secretly married to Godfrey, but is also of low birth and addicted to opium. On a winter's night, Molly tries to make her way into town with the child to prove that she is Godfrey's wife and ruin him. On the way she takes opium, becomes disoriented and sits down to rest amid the snow, child in arm. Her child wanders from her mother's still body into Silas' house. Upon discovering the child, Silas follows her tracks in the snow and discovers Molly - a woman unfamiliar to him - dead. Silas decides to keep the child and names her Eppie, after his deceased mother and sister, Hephzibah. Eppie changes his life completely. Symbolically, Silas loses his material gold to theft only to have it replaced by the golden-haired Eppie. Godfrey Cass is now free to marry his new love, Nancy, concealing his first marriage from her. Eppie grows up to be the pride of the town and to have a very strong bond with Silas, who through her has found inclusion in the town. Later in the book, Dunstan Cass is found at the bottom of the pond in front of Silas's house with his gold and it is restored to Silas. Godfrey confesses to his wife, Nancy, that the dead woman was his first wife and that Eppie is his child. The couple, who are childless, go to Silas and reveal this to him, asking that Silas give Eppie up to their care. However, the decision falls to Eppie, who has no desire to be raised as a gentleman's daughter if it means forsaking Silas. At the end, Eppie marries a local boy, Aaron, son of Dolly Winthrop, and both of them move into Silas' newly enlarged house, courtesy of Godfrey.

Silas Marner – a weaver, miser 
Godfrey Cass – son of the local squire
Dunstan Cass – Godfrey's greedy brother with a penchant for alcohol and manipulation
Molly Farren – Godfrey's first wife who has a child by him. She dies leaving the child
Eppie – child of Molly and Godfrey who is cared for by Marner
Nancy Lammeter – Godfrey Cass' second wife
Aaron Winthrop – son of Dolly who marries Eppie at the end of the novel
Dolly Winthrop – mother to Aaron; godmother to Eppie. Sympathetic to Silas
William Dane – William Dane is Silas’ former best friend, who looked after Silas and respected Silas in Lantern Yard. William Dane ultimately betrayed Silas by framing him for theft and married Silas’ fiancée after Silas exiled himself from Lantern Yard. He did this following the death of his mother
Sarah – fiancée to Silas while in Lantern Yard. Married William Dane