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In ancient times referred to as Hellespontos and DARDANEL Çanakkale BC Since 3000 has maintained the quality of residential areas. 
Since a significant settlement from the Early Bronze Period in Çanakkale, Anatolia and Europe and the Mediterranean through the Dardanelles and the Black Sea which provides the connection between the two passages is one of the region. Because of this feature is quite a rich history. 

Economic and military superiority of the communities living in the area have achieved, and they are past their contemporary civilization in the area. However, this region of the various migration and invasion target was moving. Different dates in order to settle or to plunder been coming to the region, in both cases has intensified the exchange of certain cultures. Of this cultural plasticity, with interruptions, has continued for centuries, this result is quite a colorful mosaic of cultures has emerged. The narrowest part of the throat in the period of Fatih Sultan Mehmet in the neighborhood of Rumeli Sestos Kilitbahir side, on the Anatolian side in the neighborhood of Abydos sultanas (Kale-i sultanas) or referred to by the name of the dish Castle was built castles. Today the name of Canakkale province in the Anatolian side dish comes from the castle. 

The people of the area's oldest known settlement Kumtepe BEŞİKTEPE and is indigenous people of the Chalcolithic Period. These BC Under any external influence 1200s until 3000 without the continued life of the people of Troy follows. After that, respectively, with the Achaeans Trojan War, with the Aegean migrations of various tribes has come. Finally, Commander Roger De Flor's death, the Sicilian command a while in the Catalonian people as they continue their activities, then they made an agreement signed with the Turks, the Dardanelles and the region were left Turkey to Bey. 
BC Founded in 3000 L Troia, BC Was destroyed by an earthquake in 2500 years. Before that, the old settlements in the region is known. Dardanos city I. Troy is believed to have been installed before. Establishment priority is 100-150 years. BC 1200s from the north to the "sea peoples" with the drain region and the dark period in Anatolia, in terms of written history began. Region, BC 7. century became a major force in Western Anatolia entered into the sovereignty of the kingdom of Lydia, BC 5. century with the arrival of the Persians, the Persians began to increase impact, BC 386 years between the Persians and Spartalûar "King of Peace" and sovereignty in the region has been provided for certain Pers. BC Macedonian King Alexander the Great army of Persians 334'te Biga Tea (Granikos) Near defeated the Persians in Anatolia dominance began to decline. After the death of Alexander Alexander's commanders in the region have access to a power struggle. The sovereignty of the Kingdom of Pergamum after a period of invasions and Galata, efforts to establish dominance in the region during the Roman dictator Sulla, Gallipoli has come up. Region with the Roman and Byzantine periods in the harbor has become more important. Sovereignty of the Ottomans in the Mediterranean, up requests them to victory in the Balkan Peninsula, Gallipoli and the region led to the start. The establishment of a shipyard at Gallipoli in the Dardanelles were under Ottoman rule further increases. The importance of Çanakkale Strait Wars (1st World War) has once again come into question, and the enemy navy was defeated on March 18, 1915. 
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