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Doctor (Doktor):
Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibility. A doctor’s patients rely on their physician for the best medical help possible!There are lots of different kinds of doctors. General Practitioners, Family Doctors, and Pediatricians (doctors just-for-kids) are the types most people see on a regular basis for things like the flu, a fever, a check-up or physical, a vaccination, and other common needs. Other doctors specialize in specific health fields or particular body systems. Some examples of specialists include cardiologists (heart and blood), dermatologists (skin), allergists and immunologists (allergic reactions and immune system), neurologists (brain and nervous system), and internists (internal organs). There are also surgeons, whose specialty is performing operations!Not all doctors do the same thing every day. Some doctors work in an office, others in the hospital, and some in places you might not think of, like laboratories where they develop new medicines and research cures! Doctors see patients, run and interpret tests, prescribe medicines or treatments, talk to patients about how to stay healthy, respond to emergencies, and regularly read books and medical journals or take classes to keep their knowledge up-to-date! Most doctors work very long hours and have to be available for emergencies.Nurse (Hemşire):Nurses do a huge range of important things that help keep people healthy, make them better when they’re sick, and support patients and their families!Nurses work in lots of different places like hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, people’s homes, schools, camps, and more! Depending on where he or she works and the level of training they’ve had, a nurse can do a big variety of different things. Some nurses take temperatures, give shots, administer medicines, and check patients’ blood pressure and pulse. Other nurses might prescribe medications, order tests, and help diagnose a patient’s problem. There are nurses who assist doctors during surgery, and nurses who help deliver babies!Lots of nurses work closely with patients and families, helping them, supporting them, and educating them about things they need to know take care of their illnesses and stay healthy and happy!Teacher (Öğretmen):Teachers plan lessons, which means they spend time finding fun and interesting ways to introduce their students to new information and make sure they understand it. Teachers enjoy getting to know their students and figuring out how they learn best.Teachers also spend time grading papers, making tests, writing report cards and talking with their students’ parents to let them know how well their children are doing in class. By talking with parents, teachers can also learn more about their students and figure out the best way to help them if need be.Teachers meet with the grown-ups at their school, like the principal and other teachers. They share ideas and find new ways to make their school a great place.There are teachers for small children, teachers for elementary, middle and high school kids, and even teachers for college kids and grown-ups!Scientist (Bilimadamı):Scientists are people who try to figure out how the many different things in our world and our universe work. This includes scientists who study the biggest galaxies to those who study the tiniest atoms! Scientists use special methods to examine what they’re studying by proposing an explanation to a question or problem, collecting evidence and running tests, and then forming a conclusion based on the results!A scientist might work in a laboratory, out in nature, at a special office, as a professor, as a writer or journalist, and more! To answer puzzling questions, scientists might do everything from performing tests and collecting surveys to brainstorming and daydreaming! Scientists use all kinds of different tools for their jobs: Computers, telescopes, microscopes, rulers, thermometers, barometers, scales, beakers and test tubes, and much more!
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